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Free Classified Ads in the Philippines

Free Posting of Ads - Philippines - Buy and Sell / Classified Ads is a website that caters to the Philippine market that enables users to buy and sell their products online. Products here are not entirely from but from actual people who post classified ads. It may be things that they want to sell or buy, they can even post Job hirings.

How does this work?

First, you need to signup.

Individual Seller - you can sign up as an individual if you don't own a store or business and just want to plainly post.

Business Owner - users who own a store or a business. We require additional information (business name, description, contact number, address) that will be seen publicly. We also have a premium listing for better exposure of your business.

Do's and Dont's

Buy and Sell / Classifieds

This site is strictly used for its intention. We reserve the right to delete a post, ban a user if we see it as inappropriate or not relevant to this website.

Duplicate Posts

We do not allow duplicate posts. Please moderate your own posts as we want to have a healthy and informative community. Make sure your posts are in the right category and with the right prefix. If we have the time to spare to move your post to a category then we will do so, but otherwise we'll just delete it.

No stolen items

All items must be originally owned by the user. Posting of stolen or pirated items is not allowed and will be deleted on sight.

Buying/Selling of pets or animals should be in accordance with the Animal Welfare Act of 1998 of the Philippines, Fisheries Act 4003 of the Philippines, Philippine Carabao Act of 1992, Wildlife Conservation and Protection Act, and CITES.

Illegal and Prohibited Items / Services

We discourage selling and offering illegal items and services and should not be posted in this site.

Title and Description

Make sure your title and description is brief and concise. Misleading posts will be deleted.

Offensive content

All items that will be posted must NOT contain information that is considered offensive to any religion, race or person, no pornography is allowed.