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For Sale: Authentic Lacoste Classic for Men and Women

  • by Trend Hunter CEBU
  • Clothing and Accessories
  • Thursday, Sep 29, 2011
Lacoste Over Runs for Men and Women

-Has euro double tag

-Designed in France, Made in Peru

-Has devanlay care tag inside

-Mother of Pearl buttons

-Crocodile appliqué on the left chest

-Crocodile is located in the area between the 2nd button and the bottom stitch

-The stitches at the hem are THICK

-The shirt is made of a light-knitted fabric JERSEY PETIT PIQUE.

-Each shirt also has a RETAIL TAG as proof it's Brand New and Not an Imitation

FREE Delivery within Cebu City or we can do meet ups.

STOCKS Available (on-hand) as of September 29, 2011

Ladies P 950 (Stripes at P1050)
size Colors Available

36 Aqua Blue, Royal Blue, White

38 Black, Maroon

40 Light Yellow, Moon Rock, Royal Blue

40 Stripes blue-white P 1,050

42 Aqua Blue, Heliotope, Peach

Shirt Dress

36 Royal Blue

38 Black

38 Chocolate Brown

40 Hot Pink

40 Red Dress
40 Royal Blue
42 Black

Men P 950

2 Aqua Blue

3 Red

4 Baked Apple, Light Pink, Maroon, Royal Blue, Sunkist

5 Moon Rock, Navy Blue (Silver Edition P1,100)

6 Black, Chocolate Brown, Heliotope, Maroon, Moon Rock, Royal Blue

7 Royal Blue (P1,050)

Stripes For HIM

White-Pink 4

White-Blue 5

Brown-Yellow 6

For 3 orders or more orders, will be giving discount and good deals for my imported perfume and other collections

Please take note that meet ups are ONLY for delivery and for sure
, NO Fitting or just wanting to view stocks as they are already
posted here and so not to waste resources nor time of buyer and seller. ***FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the Philippines for order of 3-items and more***